A Pirate in Lyon

Before going to Lyon I heard that the city was inhabited and founded originally by the God Lugh. A Deity from some of our oldest traditions. Lyon made us welcome, very gently.  Maison de la Danse is a fine place to work.

The city is a meeting point of two rivers. I crossed one of them one night. I heard a voice call ”Hey!  Irish!!”

I stopped and peered around the corner saying “yes?”

There he was. Benoit. He wore a pirate’s hat, a great coat, and scarves. He had books and songs in his head. He was a scholar. His head was shaven on both sides and his eyes shone blue above his cheekbones. We had a glass together by the river’s edge.

He reminded me of a messenger…a mythical creature who lived for life. But he is real and a reminder that life is good and is there to be embraced and made clearer by music. A brother. We bade each other strength and I returned to my room, smiling.

I like meeting strangers for no other reason than to pass the time and share dreams and songs.

Lyon made Rian welcome. I look forward to returning.

‘Il n’y a pas de movement sans Rythm’

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